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When you are looking for a reliable, experienced, and super affordable moving company - Safe Haul is your #1 choice!

We have been in business for over 10 years and moved hundreds of residential and commercial customers.

We serve East Bay's cities like Concord, Oakland, Berkely, Fremont, and Walnut Creek  And also locations like San Francisco, Danville, and even Sacramento.

"...Half of Everyone Else..."


"These guys quoted me half of everyone else so I was curious to see the quality of their work.

Guys were friendly, efficient, and careful with my stuff.

He even answered all my questions beforehand about best ways to pack certain things.

So glad I hired them!"


Aniston C.
Concord, California

Always with fair, super affordable pricing, we serve residents relocating from their house, professionals who are moving their office, and even aspiring and professional musicians who need to move their piano.

With instant estimates to move your stuff, appliance, belongings, and just things, with or without stairs, our experienced crews are just one phone number call away! Safe Haul is the name to remember.

Using lots ot moving tips about all details concerning your move, everyone is on board to get you settled in your new rental or property setup.

We cover local moves (short distance), and our long distance movers can relocat your lot to your new place for an amount that would turn your friends green with envy! 


The Top 5 Most Stressful Life Events

  1. Death of a loved one
  2. Divorce
  3. Moving
  4. Major illness or injury
  5. Job loss

At Safe Haul We Take the Stress Out of Your Move!


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Simple. Clean. Professional. That's all!

Why Choose Us

Do It Yourself


  • Save money


  • Time consuming renting the truck
  • Pay for a rental truck
  • Risk damaging the truck
  • Time consuming packing / unpacking
  • Potentially breaking stuff while loading / unloading

Hire Brand X


  • No need to rent a truck
  • Packing / unpacking service
  • Storage service
  • Save time


  • It costs
  • Additional cost for extras / unforeseen items
  • Risk of breaking stuff / dealing with insurance

Moving with Safe Haul


  • No need to rent a truck
  • Packing / unpacking service
  • Storage service
  • Save time
  • Fixed price move - compare our quote!
  • Minimal risk of breaking stuff - our trademark is being super extra careful!
  • We are Licensed and Insured
  • We do movings every day of the week (including Saturdays and Sundays)


  • It costs - but probably much less than you thought - compare our price!

"...expensive vintage grandfather clock..."


"They were on time, packed everything nicely, treated my items with extensive care . Transported my home and all of my personal belongings safely.

I have a very expensive vintage grandfather clock that needed extra care and safety upon transportation.

Everything went very well and I’m so happy that I chose you guys!"


Miriam R.

"...a genuine interest for the care of my property..."


"I need to thank SAFE HAUL MOVING for the professional service provided for a 6 bedroom house move.

They were on time, polite, energetic and showed a genuine interest for the care of my property. Not only did they arrive on time but came with the correct equipment and all the packing materials and supplies that were needed.

I had anticipated a very frustrating and dreadful experience just due to logistics and sheer number of items but I cannot believe how well it went!"


S. Perez

"...nothing was damaged in transport..."


"The team was great. On time, professional, and frankly thoughtful.

They saved me a lot of time putting my kids' bed back together from the way they took it apart and labeled the pieces.

They packaged everything else up very nicely, and nothing was damaged in transport."


A. Neumann

You've Found the Best East Bay Movers for Your Move!

Are you ready to move? It can certainly be a daunting task to try and find reliable movers for your big move to the East Bay. It’s even more upsetting when you get to your destination and realize that one of your favourite pieces of furniture has a huge scratch or the vase you treasured is shattered. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to finding the best East Bay movers for your move today. In this blog post, you’ll learn the ins and outs of finding movers, getting quotes, and avoiding scammers. Whether you’re moving across the state or just a few miles, this guide will help you rest a bit easily on your move day. Let’s get into it!

Quick Definition

There are many great moving companies in the East Bay. To find the best fit for your needs, you may want to read reviews, check availability and services offered, and compare quotes before making a decision.

Professional East Bay Movers

When it comes to relocations, there is no substitute for the know-how of professional East Bay movers. After all, the logistics involved in a typical moving process can be daunting and each move has unique needs and challenges. Not to mention, a successful relocation also requires good time management skills, appropriate materials, and specialized training.

For example, professional movers will know exactly how to handle fragile items like fine art and electronics that safely need to be transported over long distances. Furthermore, experienced teams are well-equipped with moving equipment that enables them to take the proper measures when maneuvering large pieces of furniture or other heavy objects.

Additionally, one of the major advantages of a professional mover is that they provide their own workforce along with a reliable team of experts who have gone through extensive training in order to provide a top-notch service. Therefore, these East Bay mover specialists have the knowledge needed to ensure your move goes smoothly and without incident. All these factors make hiring a professional mover essential in order to get the job done right.

This makes choosing the best East Bay mover for your specific needs extremely important. In the next section we will examine the different residential moving services available and discuss how to determine which is best for your particular needs.

Crucial Points

When making a move, it is essential to hire a professional East Bay mover to ensure the job gets done right. Professional movers are trained experts with the know-how and equipment to safely transport fragile items like fine art and electronics. Additionally, professional movers provide their own workforce and have gone through extensive training to offer top-notch services. As such, it is important to carefully research which mover best meets one's particular needs.

Residential Moving Services

When it comes to residential moving services, many professional East Bay movers have you covered. From apartment-to-apartment moves to family homes, experienced companies can provide a variety of solutions for even the most challenging tasks. A large number of East Bay movers specialize in full-service residential relocations, offering everything from packing and wrapping furniture to custom crating and short-term storage. Reputable companies will also often come with a detailed furniture inventory list to make sure all your belongings are safely relocated and arrive in the same condition as when they left.

On the other hand, those with limited budgets or needs may opt for popular budget-friendly solutions such as self-packing and labor-only services. In these cases, customers hire an experienced team of movers to assist with loading, unloading, and transporting their possessions while they take care of the packing themselves. The advantage here is that labor-only services can come at a fraction of the cost compared to a full-service move without compromising on quality service.

No matter your unique situation and requirements, there is likely an East Bay mover that can help meet them without breaking the bank. With the right company on your side, the residential car moving process can be efficient and safe, so you can focus more on settling into your new home rather than worrying about potential damage to your precious cargo.

Now that we've discussed options for residential moves, let's explore how specialized assistance can help make this transition even smoother by looking at packing and unpacking assistance.

  • According to a survey conducted by ConsumerAffairs, 66% of consumers said that quality of customer service is the most important factor when choosing a moving company.
  • In 2023, it was estimated that over 2 million people needed to move in the East Bay area alone.
  • According to Statista, an estimated 22% of movers in the U.S. use professional movers rather than DIY moving services or renting a truck.

Packing and Unpacking Assistance

In addition to residential moving services, many East Bay movers also offer packing and unpacking assistance. Although some people enjoy the act of packing and unpacking themselves to ensure that all of their belongings are secured safely and arrive in one piece, others may prefer to have someone else do the work for them. If you would like a helping hand with your move, this could be an invaluable service for you.

It is important to evaluate if this type of added assistance is truly necessary. While having professional assistance will likely guarantee you a stress-free move, it may end up being more expensive than if you packed everything on your own due to the associated time and labor costs. Ultimately, this is largely dependent on how long you estimate the move may take and the density of the items being moved. If the job appears too large or if you don't have enough available time or resources to handle it properly, then an extra set of hands may just be what you need.

Once this decision has been made, it is important that your chosen mover can provide highly skilled personnel for the job. Ask questions about their staff qualifications - specifically how long they have been working as packers/unpackers and how many moves they estimate they have completed collectively. Additionally, make sure that they are able to provide a variety of packing supplies such as boxes, tape, markers, etc., so you don’t have to go out and purchase these items yourself. Finally, ask about any policies regarding damage caused during the packing/unpacking process. If a guaranteed policy is not offered, you may want to look elsewhere for East Bay movers who can offer comprehensive assurances against property damage.

Once all of your belongings are packed away securely and ready to be unloaded at your new property, it's time to discuss transportation options with your mover.

Transportation of Your Belongings

The transportation of your belongings is another essential factor to consider when looking for the best East Bay movers. Many services offer secure and timely delivery of your items in a tightly secured truck or van. This helps preserve the integrity of your valuables and ensure timely arrival at your destination.

It is important to find out the exact methods and technologies used in transporting your items, such as vehicle tracking, specialized packing materials, or additional protection measures, if any. Experienced movers will also be able to quickly navigate around local traffic and road closures en route, helping minimize risks related to damage, delays, and thefts. Some even provide assistance with paperwork that moves with you across state lines.

On the other hand, some may choose DIY alternatives such as renting a cargo trailer from a third party company or driving their own vehicles at an economical cost. While this may be considered more cost effective in certain circumstances, it can often entail increased risk of possible damage due to inadequate load securing procedures or unforeseen costs like extra fuel expenses en route. In either case, finding out as much information about the transportation service as possible - including credentials, licensing status/ insurance, reviews, experience level - is essential in arriving at an informed decision.

Regardless of which method you choose for moving and transporting your belongings, safety is the foremost priority. Discussing and deciding on the best course of action with your East Bay movers ahead of time and ensuring proper attendants are available during loading/unloading will confirm that everything runs as smoothly as possible come move day. With that being said, let us now turn our attention towards discussing the loading and unloading of your van before commencing on this exciting journey together!

Loading and Unloading of Your Van

Loading and unloading your van is the crucial next step that needs to be done flawlessly in order to ensure a smooth moving experience. When selecting the right moving service, it's essential to find one who pays special attention to detail when dealing with this step of the process. You will want to look for movers that offer specialized equipment designed specifically for loading and unloading vans. Such equipment helps protect your belongings as they are being transitioned between different vehicles, ensuring they remain safe and secure during the move.

On the other hand, you may also opt for movers who are capable of performing all of these tasks manually, without the use of specialized equipment. This can provide a more budget-friendly option for some, although it comes with its own set of downsides. If a mover is manually loading and unloading your belongings, you should always make sure that they are taking extra care and providing the utmost attention to detail during the process. Doing so can help ensure that your items arrive at their destination in one piece!

No matter which option you go with, it's essential to find experienced movers who understand how important loading and unloading is during the moving process. With them handling this step in an efficient manner, you can be sure to have a successful transition from point A to point B.

Having gone over transportation and loading/unloading of your van, we can now move on to discussing services for those looking for commercial moving solutions such as businesses or organizations.

Commercial Moving Services

For those looking to move businesses, commercial movers can make the process much easier. Commercial moving services come with a variety of advantages compared to alternative DIY solutions. On one hand, having professional movers handle your move can offer increased peace of mind that all items will be handled with care and arrive safely at their destination. Furthermore, utilizing moving services from a professional moving company often reduces the total cost of the move by avoiding any damage incurred due to items not being shipped properly. On the other hand, some may assert that using a professional mover can be more expensive than handling it yourself. Additionally, there is a lack of control in terms of speed of delivery when utilizing a commercial company as opposed to doing it on your own.

Overall, there are many benefits that come with commercial moving services. Professional movers have experience and the right equipment to get the job done quickly and safely while avoiding any third party damage or delays along the way. However, it’s important to consider both sides before making your final decision to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your move.

Now that you know your options for loading and unloading your van, it's time to focus on transportation and deliveries. Whether you're looking for local or long-distance moves, reliable shipping services are essential. In approaching this stage of the move, understanding efficient transportation methods and following safe practices are key elements in creating an overall successful outcome.

Transportation and Deliveries

When it comes to moving, transportation and deliveries play an important role in a safe, successful move. Whether you’re working with a commercial or residential mover, you should ensure they provide reliable transportation services. If a company is renting large trucks or other vehicles for the move, make sure they have a routine maintenance schedule and check their drivers’ credentials. Some movers even offer online tracking services so you can monitor the progress of your shipment or delivery in real-time. Also inquire about the types of trailers they use, including lift gates and air ride suspension. This is particularly important if they’re using one for fragile items, as any sudden accelerations from bumps or potholes could damage your goods.

In addition to transporting goods, some East Bay movers may also provide packing and unpacking services, furniture assembly and disassembly, crating/uncrating services, loading/unloading assistance and more. Inquire about their specific services and fees so you know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money.

Ultimately, your transportation and delivery needs will vary depending on the type of project. That being said, once you find the right commercial mover with the necessary equipment and expertise to handle your move, you can trust that your belongings will arrive safely at their destination on time.

Having the right equipment on hand can go a long way in making your move simpler and stress-free. In the next section, we'll take a look at some of the types of boxes and materials East Bay movers use to ensure all of your possessions arrive safely at their new home.

Equipment and Boxes Available

Now that we have discussed the transportation and deliveries provided by East Bay movers, let’s pivot to the equipment and boxes they offer. Some services provide only the bare minimum when it comes to supplies, while more reputable companies will give customers a bit more bang for their buck. In general, customers should assess what kind of supplies their movers are providing and if they are up to par with industry standards.

When hiring any mover, make sure they are supplying enough moving blankets, protective wrapping, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap—the list goes on. It is also essential to inquire if they are offering a diverse selection of boxes—small, medium, and large sizes can be hugely beneficial in successful packing management. For example, larger wall items such as mirrors or paintings may require special box types; thus the mover company should be well-equipped. Do not hesitate to ask for proof or assurance of quality packing materials!

Lastly, do not forget about additional insurance packages: many movers offer additional coverage in case anything gets damaged during the move. While this could bump up the price somewhat, especially depending on size and distance of the move, investing in extra protection could potentially save much more money in the long run by safeguarding furniture from any possible damages incurred during transport.

Once people have assessed every facet of the mover service's supplies and goods offered, they can confidently make an informed decision on which mover best suits their needs. Good preparation is key! As we move onto our next section discussing one particular East Bay Mover Company that stands out from all others—we encourage readers to keep their preferences in mind while taking this journey with us!

Our East Bay Mover Company

When it comes to choosing East Bay movers, our company stands out from the rest. Our experienced crew has been moving customers with ease and efficiency for years, giving you the confidence in knowing that your belongings will be safely transported no matter how far they have to go. Our commitment to providing quality customer service ensures that all of your needs are taken into account.

No move is too small or too large for us. We offer equipment and boxes tailored to fit your specific needs — whether you’re looking to move just a few items or an entire apartment complex. And if you ever need help along the way, we are standing by to provide professional advice and assistance on short notice.

Moreover, every mover we employ is fully licensed, insured and trained in proper packing techniques. This ensures that all of your items are safely transported and arrive at their destination undamaged. Our team is dedicated to making sure your move runs as smoothly as possible -- from start to finish.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that our company is dedicated to helping you find the East Bay movers that best suit your unique needs. So if you’re looking for reliable and affordable East Bay movers, be sure to consider what we have to offer. From our comprehensive selection of packing materials and moving supplies, to our commitment to ensuring satisfaction, our East Bay mover company can turn any relocation into a trouble-free experience.

Now that you know more about the equipment and boxes available through our East Bay mover company, let's take a moment to explore the customer reviews left by those who have used our services in the past. You may just find your ideal movers — and plan a successful move — with ease!

Customer Reviews

When researching for the best East Bay moving company, it is important to take into consideration customer reviews. Customer reviews can offer invaluable insights about the quality of service, professionalism, and cost efficiency of a mover. Reviews allow potential customers to make an informed decision when selecting a moving company.

One side of the argument states that reviews from past clients are the gold standard in determining whether or not a particular mover is right for you. By reading through positive and negative feedback from other movers, one can get a clear picture on the qualities of the moving company they are considering. For instance, if most of the reviews are praising the speed and accuracy with which their possessions were relocated, then it indicates that this mover knows how to handle a move quickly and carefully. On the other hand, if dissatisfaction is expressed by clients who experienced delays or lost items during their move, then this should raise some red flags.

The counterargument to customer reviews being reliable sources of information is that reviews can sometimes be unreliable or inaccurate. People often write reviews without much thought or context, and may use strong language without any substantiation. Additionally, an individual may have had a very personal experience with the mover, which could affect their opinion about them regardless of the outcome of their move. It’s possible that someone could receive bad customer service but still end up with satisfactory results at their new location. Therefore it’s important for potential clients to use critical thinking and consider both positive and negative reviews when making their decision.

When looking for East Bay movers, customer reviews should be highly considered as they provide information such as cost-efficiency, timeliness and level of customer service that one can expect from a certain moving company. While it is important to keep in mind that reviews may not always be accurate or reliable sources of information, they should be taken into account when deciding on what mover suits your needs best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire East Bay movers?

The cost to hire East Bay movers depends on a few factors, including the size of your move, the distance moved, and any additional services you need. Generally speaking, for a full-service, local move (under 100 miles) you can expect to pay approximately $150-$200 per hour for two movers and a truck. If you require long-distance services or extra packing materials or labor, those costs will vary. It’s always best to contact the movers directly to get an accurate estimate for your specific needs.

Are there any East Bay movers that specialize in long-distance moves?

Yes, there are plenty of East Bay movers that specialize in long distance moves. Many of these companies have extensive experience with navigating the complexities of cross-country relocation—from packing supplies and storage services to disassembling large furniture pieces for transport. Before you decide on the best mover for your long-distance journey, research their professional background and ask for references to ensure they will provide a quality service with minimal stress. You should also inquire about any extra fees that may apply such as insurance costs or other specialized needs. Ultimately, the right East Bay mover will make sure your belongings arrive safely at your new home while taking the hassle out of the moving process.

What areas do East Bay movers typically service?

East Bay movers typically service a wide variety of areas, including cities and communities within Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Solano County and San Joaquin County. The geographic scope of East Bay movers can range from local (intra-county) moves to regional or even inter-state moves. Many East Bay movers offer exclusive services to cater to certain special requirements, such as long-distance moving, packing services, storage solutions, loading and unloading assistance, etc. In general, East Bay movers tend to provide their services in the greater California Bay Area region.